Friday, August 12, 2011

Flashback Fridays

I thought I'd introduce a fun aspect on this blog and something to look forward to - Flashback Fridays. The site is still starting up so I know it needs a bit of work but at least every Friday before the weekend I'll post an old picture of Carolyn. And by old I mean pre-JFK Jr. days when the hair wasn't so blonde and the clothes not so perfect.

This is Carolyn with her mother Anne Freeman and her stepfather Richard Freeman*, most likely during her early Calvin Klein PR days. Carolyn looks so much like her mother - agreed?

UPDATE* : The man above is actually Richard Freeman, Carolyn's stepfather, not her biological father as I initially stated. Her parents divorced when she was eight and they both remarried to new partners. Thanks Ana for the tip!

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  1. Love this blog!!!
    I have been a fan of CBK's style for years!!!
    Minimalist perfection!!!!