Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In Carolyn's Closet : Selima Aldo's

Carolyn's sunglasses of choice were her Selima Aldo's. They were a decidedly retro look for her minimalist chic but the round frames provided a nice balance with her sleek clothes.

Selima Aldo sunglasses in Auburn Tortoise
Personally, I don't think I could pull this style off. Thankfully I do have a "sunglasses face" (as well as a "hat head") but this style has stayed a bit too nineties for me. Definitely didn't age as well as some of her other looks. They did go well with CBK's sharper facial features.

Carolyn and her Aldo sunglasses in all weather and wardrobe situations
Because of the high request for their "Aldo" design Selima glasses released a "Carolyn" design in tribute to CBK. The "Carolyn" is slightly larger than it's predecessor but still sticks to the same oval design. You can find the entire range here.

Selima "Carolyn" sunglasses in Auburn Tortoise

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Welcome to CBK Wardrobe!

The first picture I ever saw of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy was one taken from her photoshoot with Bruce Weber, later published in Vanity Fair magazine. The picture prompted me to go on a rapid internet search of this unknown beauty only to stumble upon a fashion icon. I've had many style inspirations in the past but no one has stayed in my mind like CBK. 

Carolyn photographed by Bruce Weber

There used to be some really great sites on CBK - Ultimate Carolyn and Simply Carolyn - but sadly the owners of those websites shut them down. But I couldn't just let her story disappear in the internet archives, so this blog will be a tribute to both Carolyn and her style. Hopefully this blog will do her some justice.