Monday, August 18, 2014

Gone Girl + CBK

Yesterday, I experienced the kind of coincidence that makes your eyes bug out a little bit. So naturally, I had to share it with you guys. I received my Amazon book order in the mail - "What Remains" by Carole Radziwill (I know, I know, I run a blog on Carolyn Bessette and I still haven't read this book ...) and "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn.

I've heard Flynn's book, and its runaway success, mentioned countless times this summer. The book is also being adapted into a film by David Fincher which is to be released this fall. Being one of Fincher's biggest fans, and wanting to join in on all the fun, the odds just added up - I had to read this book. Hence, Amazon order. And I figured I'd throw in "What Remains" because, well, you know.

Now, onto the weird part. Right after I got my order in I stumbled on to this article by Entertainment Weekly. I've been trying to avoid any articles on the book or film in fear of spoilers, but when I saw Carolyn's name mentioned in the article's title I had to read on.

Rosamund Pike, who plays Amy Dunne in Fincher's adaptation, gave a brief interview on the inspiration behind her role: 
Moreover, Pike modeled Amy, at least in part, on Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, the alluring but somehow unknowable wife of John F. Kennedy Jr., both of whom died in a plane crash in 1999. 
“There’s not much out there about her. You never heard her speak,” Pike says [...] “You just see those pictures of her hiding her face. The way she moved—I used quite a lot of that body language and mood.” 
“She’s the dream girl,” Pike continues. “That’s what Amy was for Nick. She’s the one you can’t get out of your head because she’s perfect.”
Isn't that a weird coincidence?! The two books I ordered with no connection ... but the day I receive them the actress in one of the most anticipated films of the year gives an interview mentioning CBK. Either way I kind of wanted to talk about the books and film because I'm so excited for all three. I've read enough of "Gone Girl" to say that Pike found a good inspiration in Carolyn.

I've added the trailer for the film, which I'm so excited about. What about you guys, have you read these books or are looking forward to the movie?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Brite Nite Whitney Party, 1999

On March 9, 1999 John and Carolyn attended "Brite Nite Whitney" at the Whitney, a benefit in aid of the Upper East Side museum. If you'd like to read an awkwardly funny account of the night, the NY Post has an old article up (John is mentioned).

John and Carolyn at the 'Brite Nite Whitney' fundraiser, March 9 1999
"Brite and beautiful black tie" was the dress code and Carolyn gave it her own twist by pairing a men's white dress shirt with a ruffled black skirt by Yohji Yamamoto. Her accessories were a bit bolder - patent strappy sandals and a gold-chain handbag, along with an emerald coloured ring and her wedding band. Makeup and hair was kept sleek and minimal, with Carolyn opting for a sheer lip instead of her usual bright red (Clinique's Black Honey is a good dupe, and Revlon's Fig Jam a less expensive alternative).

My favourite thing about this look has to be the ruffled skirt by Yohji. If I recall correctly, the blogger behind the now defunct Ultimate Carolyn had the same one. The gallery below has a bunch of HQ images where you can really see the detail of the skirt.

Outfit details
Despite it being a look you could still pull off today, this was arguably one of Carolyn's more trendier outfits. The casual top + evening skirt combo was very much a late nineties trend. Sharon Stone had kicked off the whole thing at the past Oscars by pairing a lilac Vera Wang evening skirt with her husband's button down from the Gap, and the April issue of Vogue had covergirls Maggie Rizer and Kate Moss in ball gowns and Calvin Klein tees. And you have to admit the little gold chain mail bag was a very nineties thing as well. What did you think of this look?

Gallery of really HQ images below:

More images at Remembering CBK

P.S. How cute were John and Carolyn at this event?!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

In Carolyn's Closet : Comme des Garçons Leather Pouch

In the memoir 'Fairytale Interrupted', RoseMarie Terenzio writes that Carolyn "mercilessly edited" her wardrobe. So it's no surprise that Carolyn didn't have a plethora of handbags but rather a few tried and true pieces that she stuck to. One of her favourites was a Comme des Garçons black leather pouch.

Commes des Garcons black leather pouch
To my knowledge Carolyn wore this pouch to two public events, to the Newman's Own/George Awards Gala, and to the opening night performance of The Blue Room on Broadway.

Newman's Own/George Awards Gala, May 19 1999 (gallery)

The Newman's/George gala was one of John and Carolyn's last official public appearance. Carolyn paired her Yohji Yamamoto ruffled creation with the pouch to avoid distracting from the beautiful jacket design. You can read more on the look here

Opening night of 'The Blue Room' on Broadway, January 27 1999 (gallery)

The opening night of 'The Blue Room' was a more casual affair. New York winters are never very fun and it looks like Carolyn main objective was to keep warm. She wore a long wool coat, (I'm 99% certain it's Prada Fall '98), sweater, silk skirt, scarf and suede wedge boots (I'm obsessed with these!). All in black of course. Hmm, I need to take notes for when I feel like slipping on a puffy parka and Uggs in winter ...

Update Carolyn also wore this CDG pouch to the a Krizia exhibition in May 1999, pairing it with a Spring 1999 Yohji Yamamoto pin stripe jacket and black slip dress. Seems to have been her go-to bag that year.

"Krizia: An Exhibition" in NYC, May 15 1999 (gallery)

Lucky for us, the pouch is still available to buy, for the small sum of $135.

Commes des Garcons black leather pouch, Net-a-Porter
If you're wishing to emulate a bit of CBK's style I'd definitely recommend this clutch. I have an almost exact copy, without the CDG label, and I find its so versatile with every outfit and in both daytime and nighttime settings. There are also blue, cream and red versions ... but this is a CBK style blog of course - black all the way!

Monday, August 11, 2014

People Magazine Scans

Sorry for the delay, but I finally had the chance to scan the new People magazine! John and Carolyn are on the cover and in a feature inside, which includes three new pictures of Carolyn!

People Magazine August 18 2014

This issue coincides with the fifteenth anniversary of the couple's passing and the release of Matt Berman's book "JFK Jr., George, and Me". Unlike most magazine articles about the couple, which tended to focus on rumours and negative press, this article highlights the couple's relationship from the viewpoint of close friends and confidantes. It's nice to finally see such a positive spin on CBK and John and it all but confirms what we thought of Carolyn and John - that she was a warm and loving person, and that she was even more beautiful in life than in pictures (hard to think that's even possible!), and that John was, well, kind of a dork!

The three new pictures of Carolyn include her at Martha's Vineyard and at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port. They're much different compared to the usual pictures we have of Carolyn in New York attending events with John. Some have commented that these aren't the most flattering shots of Carolyn, and although I agree that she doesn't have the perfect blowout, I still think she looks beautiful because it's obvious how happy she was when she was away from the public eye.

On a style note, I always loved her Hyannis uniform of khakis and polos. The fact that she was in colour was a refreshing change from her all-black Manhattan looks. Look out for a CBK summer style post soon!

Hope you guys enjoy the scans and article - anything that surprised you from reading this?

source: my scans

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Today Show Clip

I went to the newsagents today but unfortunately the latest issue of People isn't out yet. However, the Today Show filmed a clip on the newest issue which features a little sneak peek at the never before seen images inside. I was going to wait to have the magazine in my hands to be surprised, but I couldn't resist a little sneak peek! 

There is also a little interview with RoseMarie Terenzio in which she gives a story of John and Carolyn's first Valentine's Day as a couple - Carolyn poked fun at John's previous bachelor status and sent him flowers from all of the famous blondes in history -including Madonna! Looks like they were more alike than we thought. You can watch the video clip above for a preview, or if the embedded video doesn't work then you can watch it at the source.