Friday, August 19, 2011

Flashback Friday: Carolyn at Calvin Klein

For this weeks Flashback Friday I thought we'd go back to the late, when the hair was wavier, the skin darker and Carolyn wasn't known as Mrs. JFK Jr. but rather Calvin Klein's PR girl.

After graduating from Boston University in 1988 Carolyn worked as a salesgirl at their Boston location before being located to Manhattan to work in PR. While there she mingled with the best, including Jennifer Aniston, Kate Moss and Mr. Klein himself. But her most important connection would have been JFK Jr. One of the most frequented stories is that John and Carolyn met at a Calvin Klein event.

Carolyn Bessette with Jennifer Aniston
While at Calvin, Carolyn's look was still very fresh-out-of-college. Her hair was wavy and dirty brown and the skin was tanned - two staples we never saw in Carolyn's later life. But the clothes are still simple and modern so I guess Carolyn always dressed to her own tune.

Anyways, I've collected a bunch of pictures that you can see below and I think they only further intensify what people thought of Carolyn. She was a fun and social girl who was able to party with the best of them, not the ice queen that the media made her out to be.

Carolyn Bessette with Kate Moss
Carolyn Bessette with Kelly Klein
Carolyn Bessette with Calvin Klein

The pictures below the cut are screencaps from an A&E documentary. I've scrolled the web and youtube but I can't for the life of me find the video! If anyone has a link or even more pictures please let me know!

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