Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meeting The Press, 1996

In 1996 fresh from their honeymoon in Turkey John F Kennedy Jr. introduced his new wife to the press. The newly hyphenated Mrs. Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy stepped out from her NYC apartment and suddenly all eyes were on the newest inductee to the Kennedy family. 

For her first 'official appearance' Carolyn wore a long camel skirt, black sweater and her patent Prada bag and brown leather Prada boots. 

I loved this outfit for many reasons. First, because of the colour palette. I'm a simple girl, black and camel account for about 60 percent of my wardrobe, so I loved that Carolyn combined the two colours here. Second, her hair and makeup is flawless and although you can just see how uncomfortable she is facing all those cameras and lights (who wouldn't be) she is so quintessentially Carolyn. And lastly, the fact that this outfit is so timeless. Who doesn't see woman at work trying to embody this simple and streamlined look in the office? A sweater, skirt and boots combine to make a powerful first statement. 

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Great HQ image

You can watch the video below at the 3:00 minute mark to see CBK and John meeting the press frenzy outside of their home and then subsequently failing to gain any privacy from those crazy paparazzo.

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