Thursday, July 28, 2011

CBK Hair Evolution

One of Carolyn's greatest distinguishing features was her beautiful blonde hair. It was the perfect compliment to her austere wardrobe and added a touch of lightness to her all black ensembles. Emulated by many Manhattanites but unfortunately overshadowed by the clunky "Rachel" do, CBK's cut and colour was one of the top nineties hairstyles.

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California ease to NYC cool
Interestingly enough Carolyn didn't start out with platinum blonde hair. Her foray into Scandinavian blonde territory started out in a completely different place. When she met John her hair, and Carolyn herself, was very "out of university" - tousled, dirty blond and curly, as if she spent her days in Manhattan surfing. It was only when she became Mrs. JFK Jr. that she became blonder, perhaps to accompany her new role. Below is a really interesting article on CBK's style by her former hair stylist Brad Johns:
It has become a well-established fact among people who follow such things that Brad Johns does Camelot princess Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy's hair. And how does he do it? "I cut Carolyn Bessette's hair in a private room," Johns told us. "The haircut usually takes around 45 minutes, and my fee is $300, the same for all my clients.
Brad Johns, Carolyn's hair stylist
"We have great security, walkie-talkies and microphones everywhere," he said. "No one can get past our security. So when Carolyn makes an appointment, we just whisk her in and out." Johns let down his guard just a little to let us know that Carolyn used to go for "a surfer look, tousled and sexy, like a little kid at the beach."
"Since John Kennedy married her, she became more regal," Johns said. "So now I make her hair a paler blond with a hint of Grace Kelly demureness, which is how she wants to present herself."
Carolyn is a wonderful client, according to Johns. "Of course we are chatting all the time, usually about her pets," he said. "She has a little kitten that she adores."
"I want Carolyn to look like her hair was naturally lightened by the sun. She says that she would like to spend a ton of time in the sun ... but at this point she is so hounded by paparazzi that it is impossible for her to go out in the sunshine as much as she wants."
How did you like Carolyn best?

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